Qué es un implante dental

What is a dental implant? Its importance and benefits

About dental implants: their importance and benefits

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. An implant is an artificial root made of pure titanium, which is really durable and resistant and helps the patient to have good aesthetics and health.

As in all dental treatments there are several brands and a wide range of qualities for these implants. The ones we work with in our Gallardo & Jiménez Dental Clinic are the top of the range, Straumann and TRI (Swiss) and Bego (German)We choose the type of implant and size according to the case to be treated and after carrying out an exhaustive study by means of a CAT scan or a 3D X-ray.

The implants are integrated into the bone (usually within 3 months) and serve to support the custom-made crowns.

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Discover why is it important to have a dental implant

The first is that chewing food will be easier and more comfortable. When there is one or more missing teeth, we tend to chew on the side where we have all our teeth. In the long run, this means that these teeth are subjected to overload and that some teeth are performing functions that do not correspond to them, so there will be a greater risk of fracture and wear.
On the other hand, when there is a gap, the rest of the teeth tend to move to close it, making it easier for them to fracture.

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Further information about dental implant treatment

Patients at our Malaga dental clinic often ask other frequently asked questions about the treatment of dental implants. The three most common are:

Duration of the treatment: the most normal treatment time is around three or four months from the time the titanium implant is placed until the crown is placed on top. During this time, the treatment will be closely monitored to ensure its success.

Pain: placing a dental implant is completely painless because it is done under local anaesthesia and even with sedation if requested by the patient. The postoperative period depends on the case, as there are people who do not feel anything, there are others who have a slight discomfort and there are others who have bruising or swelling.

Who can do it: only a specialised dentist with studies in implantology can carry out this type of treatment. At Gallardo & Jiménez Dental Clinic we have the necessary experience and professionalism.

Contact us for more information about dental implants.

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