What are red dots on the palate?

Sometimes, our oral health can be affected by various factors that can cause infections or pathologies, such as red dots on the palate. But exactly… What are the red dots on the palate?

The red dots or spots that appear on the palate correspond to wounds or injuries that can have a different size, and that manifest with a spot that has a white center and the rest is red.

Why do red dots appear on the palate?

Now that you know what red dots on the palate are, it is essential that you know that their causes can be several, that is, that there is no single cause.

Some of the causes are:

Points on the palate from burns

If the patient who presents red dots on the palate has recently eaten a dish that was excessively hot, it is likely that this is the cause of its appearance.

Medicines reaction

Another cause that can cause red spots in the mouth corresponds to the reaction produced by the intake of certain medications.

Appearance of sores

Canker sores are lesions that can appear on the tongue, cheek, gums, throat or palate, and usually cause discomfort. These oral wounds manifest as a stain with a clear core surrounded by a red halo.

Malignant lesions

When the body is not working properly, it can present oral malignant lesions, and one consequence of this fact is the appearance of red spots on the palate.

Treatments to combat red dots on the palate

Depending on the cause of the red spots in the mouth, one treatment or another should be chosen. However, it will always be the responsibility of the dental professional to determine which treatment will be appropriate.

However, below we present some of the most frequent treatments.

  • Application of cold, ice.
  • Antiseptic or antifungal treatments.
  • Antihistamine and analgesic medications.
  • Antibiotics.

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