Periodontitis in Mijas

Taking care of our oral hygiene is essential if we want to have perfect teeth and a perfect smile, but above all for our health.

Gum diseases are one of the main oral problems that appear in patients, this disease is known as periodontitis.

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What is periodontitis?

Periodontitis is a disease that affects the gums and it is a serious infection of these that damages the soft tissue, and that, if not treated, can affect and even destroy the bone that supports the teeth.

What are the symptoms of periodontitis?

The most common symptoms of periodontitis are the following: Inflammation of the gums, gums that are bright red, dark red and even purple in some cases.

We can also find gums that are very sensitive to touch and that bleed easily with brushing.

Other symptoms are bad breath, pus between the teeth and gums, pain when chewing, etc.

Treatment for periodontitis

The goal of periodontitis treatment is to clean the pockets around the teeth and prevent problems with the surrounding bone.

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There are two types of treatment for periodontitis, and these depend on the severity of the infection.

NON-Surgical Treatments

First, there are non-surgical treatments. Within them we find scaling, root planing and antibiotics.

In scaling we try to remove tartar and bacteria from the surface of the teeth and under the gums. It can be done with instruments, lasers, or ultrasonic devices.

Root planing ‘irons’ the root surfaces, thus preventing build-ups of tartar and bacteria, and removing bacterial by-products.

Finally, within the non-surgical treatments are the famous antibiotics.

Tratamiento para la periodontitis

These antibiotics in most cases are antibiotic mouthwashes or gels and should be applied between the teeth and the gums, or inside the pockets after a deep cleaning.

Surgical Treatments

In the case of advanced periodontitis, the treatment carried out is surgery.

Within this type of treatment, we find different surgeries that can be carried out in case of advanced periodontitis.

In pocket reduction surgery, the professional makes small cuts in the gum to lift a layer of gum tissue, and in this way, scaling and root planing can be done more effectively.

Soft tissue grafts are done by removing a small amount of tissue from the palate or using tissue from another donor site to deliver to the affected site.

Bone grafting is performed when periodontitis has split the bone surrounding the root of the tooth. This graft will be made up of small fragments of your own bone, or of a donated or synthetic bone.

Another surgery performed in this type of treatment is known as guided tissue regeneration, in which the specialist places a special piece of compatible fabric between the bone and the tooth.

Finally, tissue-stimulating proteins are also used, which consists of the application of a special gel to the root of the affected tooth. This gel is made up of the same proteins found in the enamel of developing teeth.

After treatment, the most optimal results are obtained when a daily routine of good oral hygiene is carried out, diseases that can affect dental health are controlled and, very importantly, one does not smoke.

This is everything you need to know about Periodontitis or gum disease. If you suffer from this disease and are looking for a dental clinic that treats periodontitis in Mijas, get in touch with us!

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