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Where to realize a chemical peel in Malaga?

Chemical peeling treatment in Malaga

Skin care is the order of the day. This is so, because we continually face external factors that certainly harm the health of this important and essential organ, such as pollution or sun exposure.

Performing daily healthy habits for skin care is extremely essential for it. However, sometimes it is not enough. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out treatments that adequately improve the appearance and health of the skin, as is the case with chemical peeling. But… What is chemical peeling?

Chemical peeling is a dermo-aesthetic procedure that causes accelerated skin regeneration controlled by a medical team. It is based on a chemical exfoliation that removes dead cells to renew the superficial layers of the skin.

At our Gallardo Jimenez Clinic, we are specialists in medical-aesthetic facial treatments. Our extensive experience and continuous training are fundamental keys to guaranteeing successful results.

Benefits of chemical peel

When performing any type of treatment, be it facial, body, or even dental, it is important that a professional analyze, study, and treat our particular situation. This is so, because each person has their specific needs and the qualified specialist has the necessary notions to detect any type of anomaly or pathology.

In the same way, it is essential to know the advantages of each treatment. The benefits of chemical peeling are the following:

  • Increases the production of collagen in our skin, providing firmness and elasticity.
  • It is a remedy for those who have acne-prone skin, as it combats the signs of acne.
  • The spots on the face lighten and/or dissipate.
  • The result is brighter, brighter and more radiant skin.
  • Reduces open or dilated pores.
  • Significantly improves the texture of the skin, providing softness to it.

Other aesthetic facial treatments we perform

In our dental clinic in Mijas, in addition to offering all kinds of dental treatments, of which we are experts, we also have a cabinet specialized in facial aesthetics, to make the most of your beauty.

We offer the following aesthetic treatments: Botox, hyaluronic acid, facial mesotherapy, tensor threads, bichectomy and the aforementioned chemical peeling.

If you want more information about chemical peeling or about any other treatment, contact us.

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