Orthodontics and dental aesthetics: services we offer in Mijas

From our dental clinic in Mijas we offer our patients all kinds of services related to oral problems, as our main objective is for them to achieve the smile they have always dreamed of. Something that cannot always be achieved with a traditional treatment, but in some cases it is necessary to resort to the most innovative to achieve the best result in the shortest possible time.

That said, this is where aesthetic orthodontics comes in, innovative orthodontic appliances that are discreet and provide excellent results in a short time, and with respect to dental aesthetics, it is a solution that is applied to older people, since they already had an appliance or they want their teeth to have better aesthetics, this fact is solved with a treatment of composite or porcelain veneers, and in other cases, teeth whitening will suffice.

If you want to go to an orthodontic specialist in Mijas, because you want to improve the position of your teeth, because you consider that you have jaw or bite problems or because you want a professional to assess you, go to our Dental Clinic in Mijas.

We are professional dentists and we take care of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies in the shape, position, relationship and function of the dentomaxillofacial structures.

What is orthodontics and dental aesthetics

Orthodontics assesses, corrects and avoids possible dental and jaw problems and functional chewing treatments.

It is the branch of Dentistry responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies in the shape, position, relationship and function of dentomaxillofacial structures.

How long does it take an orthodontic treatment?

Always dependent on the needs of each patient, but as a general rule, the fixed orthodontic treatment time is 12, 18 or 24 months. Sometimes, to ensure and complete the success of the treatment, it is necessary to opt for another type of appliance.

How is the diagnosis of orthodontic treatment carried out in our clinic in Mijas?

To personalize the orthodontic treatment of each patient who arrives at our clinic in Mijas, it is essential to carry out a Specific Case Study. This study is carried out by means of: Photographs, impression of models, orthopantomography and teleradiography. In this way, we will get the right diagnosis for each person.

Aesthetic orthodontic treatments that we perform in our clinic

Among the orthodontic treatments we perform, at the aesthetic level we have the most innovative of all, aesthetic braces and invisible orthodontics, both are two very discreet types of orthodontics that provide excellent results, yes, the choice of one or the other another dependent on the initial preliminary analysis carried out, since through it, our experts will be able to determine and advise on the type of device which best results will provide in the shortest possible time.

They are painless treatments, although an adaptation period between one and four weeks will be necessary, as the mouth will have to adapt to the orthodontics in place.

What type of orthodontic appliances do we propose from our Mijas clinic?

In the market there are more and more types of brakets:

  • Metal brackets: they allow the teeth to correct progressively and in the long term. It is made up of a metal arch that is attached to the support and, at the same time, will be attached to the tooth by means of a ligature.
  • Sapphire or ceramic braces or aesthetic orthodontics: the difference they have with respect to metal brackets is that they are more aesthetic. Sapphire or ceramic material makes the device less visible.
  • Lingual brackets: are those that are placed on the inside of the tooth, so aesthetically no person appreciates a simple view that the patient wears an orthodontic appliance in place.
  • Self-ligating brackets: the difference it has in relation to metal brackets is the way it holds the archwire to the bracket.
  • Invisible orthodontics: it is an orthodontic treatment that is carried out using transparent covers that improve dental position or problems.

Each one has different technical and aesthetic characteristics, which is good if you consutles with your doctor to choose the technique that best suits your needs.

How long is an orthodontic treatment?

It will depend on each specific case. The most common durations in a fixed orthodontic treatment are 12.18 and 24 months. In some cases it will be necessary to use additional equipment to complete and ensure the success of the treatment. To determine and personalize the treatment to each person it is essential to carry out a Specific Case Study.

In the Orthodontics Study, the following are performed:

  • Series of photographs
  • Model printing
  • Orthopantomography
  • Teleradiography

Is it a painful treatment?

In most of the time of the treatment, it is not painful. Needing a period of adaptation by the patient between 1 to 4 weeks

Types of aesthetic dental treatments that we perform in Mijas

As we have mentioned previously, dental aesthetics is another treatment that we carry out in our clinic in Mijas, and this is based on the needs of each patient, since each mouth and smile is unique, and the treatment that is appropriate for one person, perhaps not the most recommended for another.

That said, cosmetic dental treatments consist mainly of the application of composite veneers or porcelain veneers or the performance of dental whitening, and in view of this … how do I know which one is recommended for me? Very easy, our orthodontists will advise you after the study, and will indicate the best solution.

As a summary, we can say that dental veneers are used when after having all the teeth aligned, between them there is no harmony in size and similarity, before which, the patient is advised and discussed that the best solution is veneers. On the other hand, whitening is a dental aesthetic treatment that will provide greater brightness and make the teeth look whiter, it is done when the patient wants to improve their smile and all their teeth are correctly aligned and there is great harmony in them .

Are you thinking of improving your smile? Get in touch with us, from the Gallardo & Jimenez Dental Clinic we will advise you on the best dental treatment, we will help you achieve the smile you have always wanted and always have healthy gums.

Orthodontic treatment in Mijas: a solution for your oral health

To maintain good oral health, there are people who need to undergo orthodontic treatment, since in this way they will not only improve their oral aesthetics, but will also correct anomalies that may be affected over time.

At Gallardo & Jiménez Dental Clinic, we are aware of the importance of this type of treatment. For this reason, we carry out an exhaustive study so that the result is a complete success.

If you have any questions or want more information, contact us, we will be happy to assist you. We are in the Boulevard de la Cala 16 (La Cala de Mijas, Malaga) or if you prefer, call us at 951 396 911 / 640 753 671 or send us an email to info@clinicadentalgallardojimenez.com.

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