The importance of pediatric dentistry in Mijas

It is totally normal and lawful for fathers and mothers to worry about their children’s oral health, since they always want to achieve their well-being. Pathologies such as caries, dental trauma and dental development are usually the most frequent.

The branch of specialized dentistry responsible for solving oral problems in young children is called pediatric dentistry. Therefore, a pediatric dentist is a children’s dentist who knows the most common pathologies and dental treatments in children.

At Clínica Dental Gallardo & Jimenez we are aware of the importance of pediatric dentistry, since solving possible dental alterations in time is a guarantee of the future for the treated baby.

What are the most common treatments in pediatric dentistry?

The exploration of the oral cavity of children is a task that, as we have mentioned before, corresponds to the pediatric dentist. Once observed, the specialist will know if the child has any cavities, trauma and/or any problem in the development of their dental structure.

Subsequently, we find the phase in which the minor must be treated. Among the possible treatments, the most common are the following:

  • Pulpectomy, whose purpose is to remove damaged pulp tissue due to caries.
  • Dental appliances (preventive and interceptive), to correct deforming habits such as prolonged use of pacifiers.
  • Fluoride application to prevent cavities.

At Gallardo & Jimenez we take care of children’s oral health

Milk teeth fulfill important functions in addition to aesthetics: they allow chewing, phonation and the correct development of the jaws where the permanent teeth will be housed. For this reason, and for many others, pediatric dentistry is essential to preserve the optimum health status of the child in the long term.

In our dental clinic in Mijas you will have professional, qualified and experienced pediatric dentists at your disposal. If you want more information about the importance of pediatric dentistry or about any other type of specialty, dental treatment or aesthetic treatment, contact us without any commitment… We will be happy to help and assist you!

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