Sores in the mouth: What are they and why do they originate?

Sometimes, our mouth finds unexpected and annoying alterations, such as sores.

Sores in the mouth, also called ulcers, correspond to wounds that cause pain and that sometimes prevent eating or speaking normally. As for their respected appearance, they can come in different sizes, generally have a round or oval shape, and their color is white or yellowish.

There are several factors that favor the appearance of sores in the mouth. It can be the cause of injuries produced with a metallic orthodontic appliance, due to low defenses, autoimmune diseases, lack of vitamins B and C, sensitivity to certain foods, among others.

How to cure mouth sores?

Depending on the type of canker sores, it will be convenient to carry out one treatment or another. Our recommendation is to go, as far as possible, to a professional dentist to prescribe, if considered appropriate, an anti-inflammatory or local analgesic.

However, there are home remedies that can relieve infection and inflammation, such as: lemon juice, aloe vera, mouthwash, salt water, chamomile tea or honey, among others.

How to prevent mouth sores?

As we have mentioned before, the appearance of sores in the mouth can be very annoying for those who suffer from them. For this reason, from our Gallardo & Jimenez Dental Clinic in Mijas, we want to offer you some tricks so that you can effectively prevent them.

  • If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment with metal brackets, use bracket wax.
  • Perform optimal daily oral hygiene, using mouthwash and dental floss.
  • Eat a healthy diet to maintain optimal health.
  • Reduce situations that can cause stress.

Gallardo & Jimenez Clinic: Your trusted dental clinic

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