Invisible braces: what they are and how they should be cleaned

One of the treatments that have undoubtedly become more popular is the one known as invisible braces. You need to know that this type of orthodontics as such does not exist, but that people call dental aligners that help improve the aesthetics of the smile with a much more discreet, fast and comfortable treatment.

How does this treatment work?

The so-called invisible brackets are basically orthodontics that are placed on the teeth and that progressively correct their position until a much more aesthetic result is achieved than the previous one.

In order for the results to be achieved in the shortest period of time possible, it is necessary that we are wearing our invisible brackets most of the day. Ideally, we should have them on all the time except when eating.

As the treatment progresses, it is necessary to replace the sleeve so that it adapts to the changes that occur in the position of the patient’s teeth.

Advantages of invisible braces

The main advantage of invisible brackets is that their results are relatively faster and that the changes can be evident in a short time compared to other types of traditional orthodontics.

Another of the most valued aspects of this treatment is that, as its name suggests, they are practically invisible and go largely unnoticed. Therefore, we can improve our smile without anyone noticing that we are using invisible orthodontics.

Also, invisible braces have the benefit of being much more comfortable. Unlike other types of orthodontics, aligners give the possibility of being removed at the time of eating or brushing our teeth.

How to care for this type of orthodontics?

Like any other type of orthodontics, hygiene is essential to avoid dental health problems with invisible braces. If they are not cleaned properly, we can face infections and problems both in the teeth and in the gums.

Normally, dental aligners are cleaned with warm or cold water and with a cleaning product that eliminates all bacteria that can get inside the orthodontics. Of course, remember to always follow the instructions of your dentist because he will know how to advise you so that you do not use a cleaner that can damage the dental aligners.

Another very important aspect is where to store the invisible brackets for the time we are not using it. The ideal is to take with us a plastic box in which to put them since it will be less likely that something falls on them and they break, bend or stain.

It is important to get into the habit of putting on invisible braces after eating, otherwise we can lose them any day we eat out.

Higiene de los brackets transparentes

Treatment of invisible brackets in our clinic

In our dental clinic in Mijas we use the Spark aligner system. We use this type of aligner because it is practically transparent and invisible, very comfortable to place and it is also studied so that it does not cause chafing or sores on the gums.

No less important is the effectiveness and efficiency of the system, since it straightens our teeth and corrects these imperfections such as crowding or a bad bite, whether lower or lower.

This type of transparent brackets can be used in any case, be it adults, children or adolescents, and in a subtle way obtain great results in the alignment of the teeth. Get a perfect or dreamy smile with transparent aligners.

If you are thinking of starting a treatment with invisible braces, at Clínica Gallardo y Jimenez we have a professional team that can advise you so that you can achieve the smile you have always wanted.

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