Tratamiento para corregir la sonrisa gingival con bótox

Treatment to correct the gummy smile with botox

There are several factors that affect the beauty of a smile beyond having well aligned teeth. For example, if our jawbone does not have the right structure, we may have flaws that can detract from our appearance when it comes to showing off our smile.

One of the most common problems related to jaw structure is the so-called gummy smile or “high smile”.

What is a gummy smile?

We can say that a patient has a gummy smile when the gums show excessively in relation to the teeth when smiling. It can be on top, on the bottom or even on both.

It can also be classified as mild, moderate or severe, depending on the proportion of gum that we show when smiling.

Although it is not a health problem, many people prefer to correct their smile for aesthetic reasons and that is why they come to dental clinics like ours.

Causes of the gingival problem

Each case of gummy smile does not always have the same origin as they are usually due to structural problems of our jaw and these can vary greatly between patients. However, we can identify the following causes as the most common:

  • That our teeth are too small.
  • The muscle that raises the upper lip exerts more force than usual when smiling.
  • Having a shorter upper or lower lip.
  • The gum grows over the teeth (this phenomenon is called delayed passive eruption).

As you can see, the origin of this problem is usually linked to the musculature or the type of lip we have, the correction of which can be time-consuming or difficult to treat, but fortunately there are treatments such as Botox injections that can considerably improve the appearance of our smile in an effective and safe way.

Causas del problema gingival

Can a gummy smile be corrected with Botox?

One of the alternatives that can be used to correct a gummy smile are Botox injections in the lips, which help to reduce the difference between the lip and the gums when smiling.

Many people opt for this solution because it allows them to correct this problem without the need for surgery or excessively long treatments. It is also minimally invasive, so it does not put the patient’s health at risk or damage other aspects of the smile.

Hyaluronic acid gummy smile procedure

The procedure to correct the gummy smile is really simple and can be performed in a dental clinic that has the resources and qualified staff to apply it to the patient. It only requires an injection between the upper lip and the nose. Once applied, no recovery time is required.

Treatment for the gummy smile with Botox is completely safe and compatible with other treatments such as orthodontics, but we always recommend that you seek advice from the specialist who is applying the treatment to get to know your situation in depth and to know how to combine these injections with other treatments.

Remember that if you are looking for a dental clinic to improve the aesthetics of your smile, at Clínica Gallardo & Jiménez we can help you find the most suitable treatment for you and achieve the result you are looking for.

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