Keys to show off perfect teeth

Showing off perfect teeth is probably the goal and/or desire of many people, and even yours. Being able to enjoy a beautiful and harmonious smile is key to oral health, personal well-being and to promote self-esteem. This fact is so important that we have decided to write this article to give you some tips so that you can achieve a healthy and aesthetic mouth.

Do you want to know how? Keep reading!

Tips to enjoy a healthy and aesthetic mouth

As we mentioned before, showing off perfect teeth is synonymous with oral health. For this reason, it is important to make regular visits to your trusted dentist so that you can check that there is no pathology that harms your smile. However, there must also be individual daily work to pursue this goal.

Once these aspects have been mentioned, it is time to show you our tips to enjoy a healthy and aesthetic mouth.

  • Oral hygiene. It is impossible to enjoy a healthy smile if we do a daily cleaning after every meal. In addition, we recommend the use of dental floss, dental irrigator and interproximal brush.
  • Professional cleaner. Another important aspect is not to forget that every year you have to make an appointment to perform a professional oral cleaning.
  • Avoid unhealthy habits. Smoking, drinking alcohol or eating unhealthy foods harm both health and oral aesthetics. They cause cavities, bacteria, diseases, yellowish color in the enamel, etc.
  • Tooth alignment. To have perfect teeth there should be no gaps, dental crowding or crooked teeth. In this sense, it is also important to solve bite or malocclusion problems.
  • Healthy gums. To show off a beautiful smile, it is important to have gums in good condition, since otherwise they become inflamed, change color and even bleed.

Treatments indicated to show off perfect teeth

Now that you know our tips for showing off perfect teeth, it’s time to talk about the indicated treatments.

  • Orthodontic treatments, to obtain an aesthetic and functional mouth, with perfectly aligned teeth.
  • Dental implants in case a tooth is missing.
  • Dental veneers to achieve the shape and color of the desired teeth.
  • Periodontic treatment to solve any pathology related to the gums.

At our dental clinic, Gallardo & Jiménez in Mijas, we have the best specialists and the best solutions and treatments, so you can show off perfect teeth. Do you want more information? Contact us!

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