dentista durante el embarazo

Dentist and pregnancy: Can I go to the dentist during pregnancy?

The relationship between dentist and pregnancy is important because during the duration of pregnancy many women think about whether it is advisable to go to the dentist either because of discomfort or simply because they need to have a check-up to check their oral health.

Our experience as a Mijas dental clinic has made us work with this type of situation and we know what are the most common doubts that pregnant women have about their teeth and gums.

Should a pregnant woman go to the dentist?

Pregnancy is a time of many changes in all senses, including the state of our teeth and gums. If we notice any anomaly or discomfort, we should not overlook it.

Let’s not forget that during pregnancy there are many hormonal and dietary changes (the latter in the form of the famous cravings). These changes have their consequences on the gums and teeth, which can lead to oral health problems.

There is also a link between difficulties such as gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia and dental problems during pregnancy. As you can see, visiting the dentist during pregnancy can help to detect and prevent problems in the future.

dentista durante el embarazo

Visiting the dentist during pregnancy

The same dental problem cannot be treated in the same way at different times during pregnancy. A woman’s body changes throughout the nine months of pregnancy and it is necessary to adapt the treatments to her situation.

Visits to the dentist during the first trimester of pregnancy

In this phase, it is recommended that treatment be postponed as far as possible and that interventions only be carried out in case of emergency and that dental x-rays and certain medications be avoided under all circumstances. What is advisable is an assessment in the event of pain to find out what the problem is and to ensure that the situation does not get out of hand.

Visits to the dentist during the second trimester of pregnancy

This is the best time to carry out any necessary treatment as the baby is no longer in such a delicate situation as in the first trimester. It is also a phase in which the dental problems associated with pregnancy are more tenuous and stabilised.

Visits to the dentist during the third trimester of pregnancy

In the last months of pregnancy, people do not usually visit the dentist’s office, mainly because the woman’s body is in a state in which it is more difficult to move around and they prefer to postpone their visits until after the birth.

In case of emergency or severe pain, there should not be many complications when it comes to simple interventions. However, it is always recommended to follow the indications of the specialist who assesses each case.

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