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When we witness the loss of teeth or severe damage that causes the absence of these, we must put ourselves in the hands of a professional and use dentures to have a better physique and above all a good oral health.

If you are looking for a dental prosthesis treatment in Mijas, you are in the right place. In our dental clinic in Mijas, we carry out various treatments, including dental prosthesis.

Causes for the need to use dental prostheses

Dental prostheses are used, as mentioned above, when we suffer loss of teeth or damage to teeth, in order to restore the patient’s teeth.

The loss of teeth can be due to different causes, the most common of which are caries, trauma or gum disease, the latter being the main cause of tooth loss.

It is very common to associate dental prostheses with elderly people, and although it is true that the majority of people who come for dental prostheses are elderly, people who have suffered an accident or people who suffer from illnesses that can lead to tooth loss can also suffer tooth loss.

Types of dental prostheses that exist

There are 6 types of dental prostheses most commonly used today. Below, we look at each of them.

Firstly, the fixed dental prosthesis. This is the most common in older people. It is usually used in order to replace complete lines of teeth that have been disappearing.

Another type of prosthesis is the artificial crown, which is usually used when tooth loss is due to causes such as severe decay or accidents. This is fixed to the tooth with resin to harden and be used normally.

Implants are another type of dental prosthesis, these are the least economical and have a difficult recovery. This treatment is carried out through surgery and in this intervention the titanium roots are inserted into the bone.

The complete dental prosthesis, as its name suggests, is used for situations where the largest number of teeth have been lost.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the mixed prosthesis and the removable mixed prosthesis. Both are very uncommon nowadays.

Price of dental prosthesis Mijas

In relation to the price of dental prostheses, this will depend on the type of prosthesis you use, as a complete prosthesis is not the same as a prosthesis on a specific tooth or section. For a price consultation, we recommend that you come to our clinic, we will study your case and we will give you a more exact and personalised quote.

dental prosthesis Mijas

How the treatment is carried out

The treatment of dental prosthesis in Mijas is one of the most recurrent treatments in our clinic.

This is carried out by inserting an artificial piece into the patient’s teeth which repairs the anatomy of the teeth, improves their physical appearance and restores the natural bite.

As the dental prosthesis has to be perfectly anchored to the patient’s teeth, it is necessary to make a mould of what will be

necessary to make a mould of what will be the dental prosthesis.

The mould allows us to have the exact measurement of the patient’s teeth in order to adjust the prosthesis to their mouth and teeth, thus preventing them from being uncomfortable for their mouth.

In order to make the mould, a series of previous studies are carried out to take measurements.

Other frequently asked questions about dentures Mijas

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Crown on tooth

When a tooth is weak or damaged, crowns or “caps” are sometimes placed to reinforce it. In order to place these crowns, the tooth must be prepared and ground down, where it will be glued with a special cement.

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Crown on Implant

The implant is the “screw” that is permanently inserted into the gum. A fixed or screwed crown will be attached to it, which will be in charge of emulating the tooth. In some cases it may be necessary to place a temporary acrylic crown before the final crown. This procedure does not damage the neighbouring teeth, achieving excellent aesthetics and chewing function and maintaining the bone.

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Dental Bridges

Replaces the missing tooth or teeth in the oral cavity. They can be placed on a tooth or on an implant. Not a very conservative option as the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth must be ground down, removing enamel from healthy teeth (which can lead to the subsequent endodontic treatment of the ground down teeth due to nerve damage).

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Removable partial denture

The teeth are placed on an acrylic support which is attached by means of metal clasps to the adjacent teeth, wearing them down as they support the masticatory forces. They are not very aesthetic (as the metal clasps are visible) and the supporting bone is gradually lost, being necessary, as with dentures, periodic check-ups to carry out relines.

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Complete Removable Dentures

These are commonly called dentures, they replace all the teeth in the maxilla or mandible. The false teeth are placed on an acrylic support. Over time the adaptation of the prosthesis is lost as the bone is reabsorbed by the absence of teeth or implants and it is necessary to visit the dentist for relining periodically every 6 or 12 months.

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