Curetaje dental tratamiento contra el sangrado de encías

Dental curettage: treatment against bleeding gums

Bleeding, redness, sensitivity or a bad smell are problems commonly related to pathologies that affect the gums. Most of these pathologies originate when the bacteria found inside our mouth accumulate in excess, damaging our gums and teeth.

One of the most common treatments is dental curettage that manages to remove excess bacteria and make our gums healthy and stop bleeding when we eat or brush our teeth.

What is dental curettage

Dental curettage is a treatment that, through ultrasound tools, can eliminate bacteria from the mouth, especially those that sneak between the teeth and are the most harmful to the gums.

These bacteria group together, forming bags that cannot be removed by regular brushing that we can do at home. The danger of these bags is that they can leave the root of the tooth defenseless, causing its loss.

When periodontal disease is very advanced, dental curettage may not be enough and it is combined with other treatments or even surgeries to remove tartar from the gums.

Duration of dental curettage treatment

The curettage treatment can vary depending on the extent of the affected area, usually it lasts at least two sessions. The first is used to assess the situation of the gums and the next to begin to scrape off the bacterial plaque and smooth the affected surface.

It is important that right after each session we are careful when eating foods with temperatures that are too high or too low or even cases of brief bleeding.

Is it always necessary to use dental curettage?

Fortunately, there are several existing treatments from which we can choose to treat the gums, however, dental curettage is one of the most popular since it effectively eliminates the accumulation of bacteria on the teeth and in a minimally invasive way.

As for pain, applying local anesthesia, we can bear it without any problem, although it is true that it will depend on the severity of the case.

What is dental curettage

Is a dental curettage the same as a dental cleaning?

Although it is true that both techniques are used to remove tartar and bacterial plaque, they have different uses.

For its part, dental cleaning is used preventively and does not need to intervene directly in the gums, however, curettage is always used in cases where there is periodontal disease since it affects below the gum.

We help you with your gum problems

Curettage is just one of the treatments that we can use to improve the state of the gums, but it should be noted that gum diseases are asymptomatic. For this reason, it is essential to visit the dentist periodically to assess the state of our oral health.

At Clínica Gallardo Jiménez we are specialists in dental health, we have a team that can advise you in the event that you need dental curettage. You only need to contact our dental clinic in Malaga and request an appointment.

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