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Qué son las fundas o coronas dentales

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns, also known as dental caps, are a type of prosthesis that can be used for both total and partial reconstructions of a tooth affected by oral diseases, such as caries, bruxism, trauma, among others. This dental sheath is capable of restoring or significantly improving the functionality and aesthetics of a damaged tooth.

When a tooth has lost its shape, structure or ideal colour, the placement of a dental cap is usually the recommended solution. This treatment not only promotes oral health, but also helps to restore the natural appearance of the tooth.

Each dental cap is custom-made, guaranteeing a perfect and personalised fit for each patient. At Gallardo Jimenez Dental Clinic we specialise in this type of treatment, offering you the best solution, always the best solution adapted to your needs.

Types of dental crowns we work with


At Clínica Dental Gallardo Jiménez we are dedicated to finding the perfect dental crown for each patient, considering their specific needs and budget. Our expert team ensures personalised and high quality solutions for a healthy and aesthetic smile. Trust us to take care of your smile. These are the types of crowns we work with.

Metal Crowns

Perfect for molars due to their strength. Ideal for adults, including those with bruxism.

Acrylic Crowns

An economical and aesthetic option, suitable for temporary solutions or for young people awaiting definitive treatment.

Porcelain on Metal

Excellent balance between aesthetics and durability. Suitable for almost all patients, especially for visible crowns.

Porcelain on Alumina

Superior aesthetics for front teeth. Ideal for those seeking a natural and discreet appearance.

Lithium disilicate (Emax)

High translucency for superior aesthetics. Recommended for patients who prioritise appearance in front teeth.

Porcelain on Zirconia

Modern and durable, with excellent aesthetics. Suitable for a wide range of patients, including those with metal allergies.

Some questions from patients about crowns

How much does the treatment of dental crowns cost?

The price of a dental crown varies depending on the material and individual needs. Porcelain crowns can be more expensive because of their aesthetics, while metal crowns can be more affordable. For more information and accurate, personalised advice, we invite you to contact us. Our team will provide you with a detailed assessment without obligation.

Why choose us? Specialists in Dental Crowns

At Gallardo Jiménez Dental Clinic, we have a team of professionals who are highly specialised in the treatment of dental crowns. The fact that our team has experience in crowns is crucial, as the consequences of poor placement are negative, appearing with symptoms such as dental sensitivity, allergic reactions or movement of the crown. We offer meticulous and personalised attention to ensure the success and durability of each dental crown/crown.

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