How to fix a broken tooth

If you have received a strong impact, due to a car accident, or practicing a sport such as boxing, without mouth protection, or you have dental problems such as cavities or lost fillings, some of your teeth may break.

At Clínica Gallardo y Jimenez, we talk about how to fix a broken tooth, the entire process, and the treatments that it entails.

I have broken a piece of tooth, what to do?

If you are wondering how to fix a broken tooth, the first thing you should do is go to your dental clinic. The specialist will assess the damage that the tooth has suffered and then choose the most appropriate technique to avoid any type of infection or other problems.

It is very important that when this happens to us, we go to the dentist as soon as possible, since negative consequences such as infections or damage to the tooth may grow and lead to more serious problems.

Tooth breakage is not always total, both partial and total tooth breakage can occur.

Partial tooth break

If we have suffered a partial tooth break, we recommend that you first of all clean the piece of tooth that has fallen out and place it on the face with a cold gauze pad to control inflammation. Once we have this controlled, we must go to a specialist.

If the break has been total, we must clean the tooth that has fallen out and try to put it back at its root.

In the event that the bleeding is excessive, or the process of putting the tooth back in is uncomfortable, it is recommended to use gauze to plug the tooth gap.

When the damage suffered has been slight, if the nerve has not been affected, a reconstruction with composite will be carried out or a porcelain veneer will be placed.

It is the slightest tear possible, therefore its quick and simple treatment.

Complete tooth break

If the damage suffered is more serious, and it has touched the nerve, a root canal will be performed and later, a dental crown will be placed.

Finally, when the damage suffered is severe, that is, when the break has grazed the root and the end of the break is below the gum, the rest of the root is extracted and an implant is subsequently placed.

In these cases, an implant is usually performed since, by suffering severe damage, the tooth is impossible to repair.

As you have been able to verify, after reading this, although nobody wants to break a tooth, if it happens to you one day, it is not to be alarmed.

Regardless of the damage suffered, at Clínica Gallardo y Jimenez we have all the necessary techniques and tools to solve the problem, leaving your teeth as new.

If you have suffered some type of fall, blow, or any other accident that has caused you to lose some of your teeth, contact us! We have great specialists in their work who will help you throughout the process.

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