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Multidisciplinary Team

Our team members continually improve their experience through ongoing training. This ensures that they provide the best care in whatever area they specialize in.

Dedication and Care of our patients

To create a relaxed and welcoming environment, we pay close attention to all aspects of our care. This allows our patients to feel at ease and comfortable during their visits.

A place where your time,
your concerns and your health matter,
a place where you feel cared for

 · Tatiana Gallardo · 

Dental Clinic in Marbella

Personalized and planned treatments

Our purpose is to understand, identify and anticipate each unique case. This requires considering the circumstances of the entire world.

Advanced and Applied Technology

Through the use of the most advanced medical technology, our physicians are able to predict and deliver successful treatment.

Specialists in
your dental health

At Clínica Gallardo y Jiménez we are committed to your dental health, therefore, if you are looking for a dental clinic in Marbella we can help you.
In the face of any discomfort related to our teeth and our mouth, it is necessary to go to a specialist who advises us to find a solution. Otherwise, the problem may worsen and the treatment to be applied may take longer than is really necessary.

Our professionals
of dental aesthetics

Another reason why you can attend a dental clinic in Marbella is because you want to improve your aesthetics. In this case, we can also help you since we have this type of service in our clinic. Regardless of your case, at Clínica Dental Gallardo & Jiménez you will find a team of professionals willing to give you the attention you deserve.

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Specialties of our Marbella clinic

Below you can find, in summary, what are the treatments we offer at our dental clinic in Marbella:

Orthodontics in Marbella

We correct your oral problems with our orthodontics. This is one of the most common treatments among our patients. Thanks to them, it is possible to put an end to dental or chewing discomfort that makes day-to-day life very uncomfortable.

Periodontics in Marbella

We take care of your gums thanks to our periodontics treatments.
Closely linked to the previous service we find these periodontics solutions, which are responsible for resolving pathologies related to the gums and bones that support the teeth..

Dental implants in Marbella

We replace totally or partially deteriorated pieces with dental implants.
Sometimes, due to a blow, we can fracture a dental piece or even lose it almost completely. For these situations, implants are a solution that achieve a natural and lasting result.

Dental aesthetics in Marbella

We improve your image thanks to our aesthetic dental treatments.
We have completely painless treatments that will help you show off your best smile. After a brief adaptation period, you will be able to correct the alignment of your teeth almost without realizing it.

Pediatric dentistry in Marbella

We care for the little ones with our pediatric dentistry service.
Boys and girls are in a growth phase in which their mouths and teeth undergo a series of changes that must be attended to so that they do not lead to serious pathologies.

Endodontics in Marbella

Endodontics is nothing more than the removal of the dental nerve, usually due to an infection or severe pain in the tooth itself.

As you have seen, within our range of services you will be able to find specific solutions with which to put an end to your oral problems. You will also have the peace of mind that each of these treatments is being carried out by specialized personnel.

We are your dental clinic in Marbella

From our location in La Cala de Mijas, we are an excellent option for those who need to go to a dental clinic in Marbella.

At Clínica Dental Gallardo & Jiménez we are aware of the importance of your oral health, therefore, in our center you will always find a group of professionals specialized in each area, innovative treatments and a personal and close treatment.