Dental Veneers in Malaga: what they are and what they are for

Dental veneers have become more popular in recent years. And it is that more and more people decide to undergo a dental veneer treatment in Malaga to improve the aesthetic appearance of their teeth and smile.

At our Gallardo Jiménez Dental Clinic we carry out the best dental aesthetic treatments, as well as any dental veneer treatment.

We tell you everything you need to know about the treatment of dental veneers, what they are used for, the types of veneers that exist, etc.

What are dental veneers

Dental veneers are very thin and highly resistant porcelain or composite layers that cover and replace the natural enamel of the tooth. This famous dental aesthetic treatment manages to create a new and fantastic denture with a very natural result.

To carry out a dental veneer treatment, a series of steps have previously had to be carried out that we show you below.

The treatment is very simple and begins with an aesthetic analysis on how to treat the problem and what is the best solution. A review would be carried out in which a scanner is normally carried out with the patient and the final result of this treatment is planned.

To continue, we carry out an aesthetic test on the client’s own teeth so that he can see firsthand how the veneer would look on his teeth. With the aesthetic test we get the client to decide in relation to the shape, size and color of their future teeth.

Now we will carry out the dental preparation, which will vary depending on the type of veneer chosen. In our clinic we collaborate with expert laboratories in dental aesthetics that will manufacture the veneers taking into account the notes made by the patient and the dentist.

Finally, comes the process of placing our dental veneers in Malaga that will be attached to the patient. As you can imagine, it is a very detailed job because the veneers will be placed one by one.

Types of dental veneers

Generally we find veneers of two types, composite and porcelain.

Depending on the type of veneer you use, they will last one time or another, but they can last from 10 to 20 years.

Composite veneers are a very resistant type of veneers. In the process of placing it, ultraviolet light is used to place them and adhere the composite to the tooth. Its placement is very fast and painless and it is very useful to repair any tooth in case of breakage or partition.

In addition, another advantage is that they are cheaper than porcelain but at the same time more fragile.

On the other hand, porcelain veneers, as their name suggests, are made with a ceramic base that, with the composition of another mineral material such as leucite, provides extra resistance to the tooth.

This type of treatment is more common when looking for a much more natural and compact teeth. Although it is also a more uncomfortable treatment since, by polishing part of the tooth, it causes sensitivity in the treated area.

Tipos de carillas dentales

The price of dental veneers in Malaga varies depending on whether it is composite or porcelain. The latter provide greater quality, aesthetics and greater durability, as we have already mentioned above.

Composite veneers are cheaper than porcelain veneers as they last less time.

There is another type of veneers, the lumineers, which have recently become fashionable due to their fantastic aesthetic results and their durability, since they can last up to 30 years if they are well maintained and cared for.

Lumineers, being higher quality veneers, developed in laboratories, these veneers have a high price when compared to composite or porcelain veneers.

Among these three types of which we have spoken, the most used and well-known veneer is the porcelain one due to the multitude of benefits it offers.

Porcelain veneers are between 0.3 and 1.2mm thick. They are very thin layers which helps to achieve a natural appearance in our teeth.

Unlike composite veneers, porcelain veneers do not get damaged or stained over time, a very important factor if you want your veneers to remain intact.

Advantage and disadvantages of the Composite Veneers

Composite veneers consist of applying a paste that adheres directly on the tooth and that is modeled to achieve the desired shape and color.

Composite Veneers
Advantage Disadvantages
Carving of teeth is not usually necessary Composites tend to change color over time, forcing them to retouch and maintain them periodically.
Therefore they are reversible, if you do not like it we can remove them and return to the initial situation. To check the good condition of the restorations, an annual review is necessary.
They are made in a single day.
Without anesthesia.
Can be retouched or modified quickly and easily

Advantage and disadvantages of the Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are porcelain sheets made in the laboratory that adhere to the external face of the tooth.

Porcelain Veneers
Advantage Disadvantages
Porcelain does not change color in time. So, over the years the veneers will look just like the first day. On certain occasions, the tooth requires a preparation where you must polish a few microns to compensate the thickness of the porcelain.
They are designed by computer and you can choose shape, size and color before going to the clinic. Once placed, they cannot be retouched, so you must remove them and touch them out of your.

If you want to know more about dental veneers in Malaga or directly decide to undergo the treatment, contact our dental clinic! And don’t forget, your smile will always be your best cover letter.

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