A very aesthetic orthodontic treatment: Transparent braces

Currently, there are many people who resort to orthodontic treatments to correct their dental position and to obtain a dream smile. However, there are also those who do not dare to start it because they do not want to wear a metal device. For the latter we recommend the transparent brackets.

The great advance in the field of dentistry has made it possible to create this type of equipment to definitely benefit patients. But exactly… What are transparent braces?

Transparent braces are designed with a shade that perfectly mimics the color of teeth, with the aim of going unnoticed. This device is usually made of ceramic or sapphire, two very durable materials that do not get dirty or stain. Without a doubt, we can affirm that this type of braces is a true innovation in non-removable orthodontic treatments.

At our dental clinic in Mijas, we have the experience, tools and qualified personnel necessary to place and treat any type of orthodontic appliance, including aesthetics.

Benefits of clear braces

Now that you know in greater depth what transparent braces are, it is the perfect time for you to learn about the benefits they offer each patient.

First of all, we would like to emphasize that it is a very resistant and effective device for any case, even the most severe.

Secondly, their undoubted aesthetic function, since they are optimally camouflaged in the smile. This fact is key in many decisions, since most people do not like to wear a traditional orthodontic appliance.

In addition, the materials with which they are manufactured provide a better experience for the patient, both in terms of hygiene and durability.

We are specialists in orthodontic treatments

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, at our dental clinic, Gallardo & Jiménez, we are professionals with extensive experience in orthodontic treatments.

In addition to transparent brackets, we also have traditional metal brackets and the new and imperceptible Invisalign.

In our clinic we will study your particular case and we will give you a tailor-made solution.

If you want more information about transparent braces or about any other dental or aesthetic treatment, we invite you to contact us directly… We will be happy to assist you!

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