Metal brackets: what they are and their objectives

The most traditional, effective and economical orthodontic treatment corresponds to metal brackets. Although many people reject this type of device for its aesthetics, they are much more functional and their results are excellent.

It is true that for many years there was a direct link between metal braces and children and adolescents. However, over time, many adults use this type of appliance to correct the aesthetics and functionality of their teeth.

What are metal braces?

But exactly… What are metal braces? As we just mentioned, they were the first orthodontic appliances, although the ones used today are very different from those of 20 years ago. Metal braces use a metal support that rests on the teeth through an arch.

It is also made up of ligatures, which can be made of rubber or metal, and its function is to apply force where you want to improve those imperfections.

And of course, mention of the brackets themselves cannot be missing, which are located in the center of the teeth, and which mark the turn or direction that the dentist considers appropriate.

Likewise, it is important to highlight that any orthodontic treatment with brackets can be completed with the use of what we call intermaxillary elastics or rubber bands, which serve to correct the bite.

What is the purpose of metal braces?

If you want to know all the relevant aspects of metal brackets, it is key to know what their objective is.

The purpose of this type of orthodontic appliances is to move the teeth to their proper and functional position, that is, they align them so that chewing is correct and, thus, the teeth do not get in the way of development.

But… How do they get it? Through the previously exposed elements: Arch, ligature, bracket, and intermaxillary elastics.

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